Tuesday, December 6, 2016


By Barbara Buzzard
Since abortion is not a political issue (politics pales by comparison), it still needs to be addressed, perhaps even hammered on, post-election. After all, we are still killing over a million babies per year, approaching 59 million. The death-on-demand holocaust is continuing. The bottom line – as long as the federal government uses our tax dollars to kill hundreds of thousands of children each year –it is a pro-death institution. 
Yes, gains have been made but Republicans have also waffled, equivocated and caved in re: pro-life legislation. Every time the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is denied to an individual – the Constitution is denied and betrayed. And if you are not pro-life – you are pro-death.
Yes, I know this is awkward, rather like mentioning an unmentionable. I know from wearing a pro-life badge for months now that most people simply don’t want to know. Most turn away. I invite you to join me in initiating conversations on abortion.
The ignorance of the general public on this issue is stunning. The shocking lack of response from evangelicals makes one think that they are only pretending to be pro-life. And our desire to remain in ignorance is unhealthy, self-serving, and base.
Brian Fisher of the Human Coalition challenges us with this: “Abortion can be ended in America in one generation. Roe v. Wade can be overturned, but only after our culture is changed...Who must lead the charge? Christian men.” 
“Men, we are responsible for the legalization of abortion in America. We are responsible for the destruction of the family. And, men, we have the power to stop this silent holocaust.”
Uniquely Devastating
Joel Belz of World magazine puts it this way: “Do we really need office-seekers who will go out of their way to define themselves as ‘pro-life’ or even ‘anti-abortion’? Well, yes, we do. We Christians should never be hesitant to say boldly and clearly that abortion is a uniquely devastating behavior. It rattles the foundations of a civilized society. It pushes a culture in a dark and dreadful direction.”
Belz says: “Abortion, for example is one of the most racist of social causes in history. Both the history and the current practice of Planned Parenthood are demonstrably racist to the core.” As Christians, one of our “duties” is to see to it that we are not deceived. And we are also to expose lies. Planned Parenthood got caught selling infant body parts. There should have been national outrage. When there are pro-life rallies in S. American countries or in Europe they are enormous in comparison to our own. Recently 300,000 said “No” to abortion in N. Ireland. How dare we be indifferent to or apathetic about this murderous rampage against vulnerable innocents?
Do you believe the lie that Planned Parenthood is pro-choice? If it were pro-choice, it would actually offer another choice! They would have adoption brochures and counselors equipped to offer information on choices. They would offer help for mothers who would like to keep their babies. I do not believe this is the case. Do we realize how aggressively pro-death we have become? Many European countries require counseling sessions when considering abortion. Many have mandated waiting periods; even in many secular countries - abortion is much more restricted than it is here.
Did you know – at 14 weeks, i.e. 3-1/2 inches – a baby can grimace, squint, frown, grasp and possibly even sucking his thumb? What madness would put this infant to death? May we all feel a burden to be a voice for those who don’t have one.

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