Monday, September 26, 2016

Abortion Madness part 2

By Barbara Buzzard

Because of a conversation in the grocery checkout line this morning I have altered what I was going to write about. Normally the pro-life badge which I wear only receives furtive looks or an embarrassed glance but this morning the cashier actually asked me about it and was genuinely interested and wanted to know more. I became concerned that I was holding up the line when the lady behind me asked me where I got my badge and I could sense a kindred spirit there too. She said that her college age son had received such hate speech from being pro-life on the internet, that he no longer participated.
I continue to be appalled by abortion madness, the murder of the most vulnerable members of our society; the very ones we should be protecting – we are slaughtering, and with government license. A civilized society does not demand the right to kill its most vulnerable citizens. As Mother Teresa said: abortion is the most serious level of poverty that a culture could encounter. The most dangerous place for an African American baby is in the womb of its African American mother – this is indeed madness. Why do black lives not matter in the womb?
There are many organizations devoted to the pro-life cause. One of the best I have found is because they give weekly updates of the most recent quotations and events surrounding this issue. Most recently the headlines include these:
·       Thousands flood the streets of Berlin for the March for Life to protest abortion.
·       Child euthanasia centers in Netherlands expected to open soon, allowing
Drs. to euthanize children, no age restriction.
·       Gloria Steinem says that “forced childbirth is the single biggest cause of global warming.”(!)
·       The world’s smallest baby- 8 oz. at birth-is now healthy and thriving.
·       Some pro-choicers say: abortion makes me happy! Shout your abortion!
·       Cecile Richards feels that her finest accomplishment will be to make Christians pay for abortions.
·       My daughter survived abortion. I am so glad she did!
·       There have now been 59 million pre-born babies killed by abortion in the U.S.

Also, it is of note that a dramatic shift in the pro-choice rhetoric is taking place. This includes Hillary Clinton’s statement that a pre-born child has no constitutional rights whatever. Some think that this was not a gaffe but a sort of precursor to the new thinking. The “new think” is this: (since it is no longer intelligent to deny that the baby is a person)  “it is a life worth sacrificing.”! Some in the pro-choice movement are openly arguing that some lives matter more than others. The fetus is so obviously human that it is no longer being dehumanized; rather it is being treated as if it has no rights and no value. Chilling in the extreme!

4 Reasons Why Every Christian Should Speak Out. 
1. All humans are equally valuable because we are made in God’s image.
2. Abortion is not compatible with being a good Samaritan.
3. Abortion is child sacrifice/murder.
4. Science tells us that abortion kills a human being.
            One pro-life advocate says this: abortion has never been about “choice”. It is about escaping the consequences of that choice by taking all choice away from another human being. Amen!
            From The Human Coalition pro-life site: “We continue to affirm that abortion will not be ended in the courts…it will be ended in the culture.” Tragically, I think that abortion also will not be ended by the church as the church seems to have dropped the ball on this. At the moment it is as if our society has ADD in relation to abortion.
            We will never be able to say to our Father or to our Messiah that we didn’t know this was happening. And we mustn’t believe Satan’s lie that there is nothing we can do about it. Please become an activist in saving lives and please pray earnestly for an end to this holocaust. We are to hate bloodshed; in this country there are over 3,000 murders of pre-born babies each day. Jesus says: “I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these…you were refusing to help me.” (Mat. 25:45, NLT)

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