Monday, September 5, 2016

Did you Knows...

An angel, no matter their status (i.e., archangel, cherubim, etc.), cannot be the promised Jewish Messiah: from the line of Abraham, the seed of David (Matt. 1.1).
"After all, when did God EVER say to ANY of the angels: 'You are my Son. Today I have become your Father? Or, even, I will be his Father, and he will be my Son?" Heb. 1.5 CEB

When you die you DO NOT go to heaven as a "disembodied, immortal soul"! Ps 115.16-17

The phrase “God is one," “one God” is code for the Shema:

"In addition to the Shema, and perhaps in some cases as a substitute for it, one finds that at the beginning of the Christian era the formula heis ho theos, was used to express the monotheistic faith of Judaism. The currency of this confession in the Jewish world of that time is clearly demonstrated by the widespread evidence. A variety of Jewish sources contains the form heis theos [which] was, in effect, apostasy from the Roman religion, for Rome, though granting religious freedom to its subject people, also expected the recognition and worship of its own deities. According to Roman national faith, the Jews, as well as the Christians, were [atheists, Dio Cassus 67.14; Josephus, Bel. 7.410-419; cp. Contra Apionem]." The Earliest Christian Confessions, Volume 5, Vernon H. Neufeld, pp 39-40.

The NT teaches that our "true citizenship" is from heaven, i.e., when Jesus returns and establishes the Kingdom of his God on earth: Phil 3.20. Thus, for the time being, we're described as "foreigners, resident aliens": 1 Peter 2.11

God NEVER said He would beget an angel: Heb 1.5. Nor can the High Priest be an angel, since these can only be "chosen from among human beings": Heb 5.1!

"Judaism has always been rigorously unitarian." “Deism,” Jewish Encyclopedia, 1906.

The Bible says "No one has seen God": Ex 33.20; John 1.18; 1Tim 6.16; 1 John 4.12.

The NT clearly states that the Son of God is "the visible image of the invisible God." Col. 1.15.

Jesus has a God, which means he cannot possibly be God!
  • Our God: Mar 12.29; John 8.54
  • My God: Mat 27.46; John 20.17; Rev 3.2, 12
  • The God of Jesus: 2Cor 1.3; 11.31; Col 1.3; 1Pe 1.3; Eph 1.3; Rom 15.6

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